ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A woman on probation was arrested after deputies allegedly found a knuckle stun gun, pepper spray and drugs in her purse after a traffic stop near Rocklin over the weekend.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says, back on Saturday, deputies stopped a vehicle out in unincorporated Rocklin.

Exactly what traffic violation prompted the stop was not stated, but deputies soon found that all of the people who were in the car were on probation out of Sacramento County.

One of the passengers, identified as 27-year-old Sacramento resident Donika Davis, was soon searched. Deputies say they then discovered she had a knuckle stun gun and pepper spray in her purse, as well as a baggie of methamphetamine hidden in her clothes.

Deputies arrested Davis and she’s now facing charges of being a felon in possession of a stun gun, being a felon in possession of tear gas, and drug possession.

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  1. phil rogers says:

    Do we have a picture of her? This story has my ex written all over it. She would change names so often even she wasn’t sure at any moment. But the brass knuckles and drugs were daily necessities for her.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is crazy how CBS is quick to post a “news” story about a woman of color on probation getting arrested. Look at You can look up all the arrests in the greater Sacramento area that have taken place in the past few days and go back as far as a few years. Plenty of white people were arrested on warrants and for drug and other crimes in Rocklin and Sacramento. So CBS, why is this news? Why did you pick this woman to display out of all of the people who have been arrested for similar crimes in Sacramento recently?
    -Concerned Citizen

  3. Jc Smith says:

    Concerned Citizen you are so full of it! Did you not notice the blonde woman’s photo at the top of page’s crime description?

  4. FRED says:

    SJW Concerned Citizen, perhaps it was because she was on probation, with a weapon. Also everyone else in the car was also on probation. That makes everyone in that car breaking probation and all could be committing a felony as well. The drug war is still on ya know.

  5. Concerned says:

    JC Smith, the blonde woman tried to kill somebody. This lady was drug addict that relapsed. Why is that news? Also, it is typical that a person like you would feel the need to personally insult me. I was expecting a backlash from random ignorant people.

    1. Jc Smith says:

      I see drug arrest reports on here all the time of different races. You sound ignorant and bigoted against white people. Here you are looking for racism where it doesn’t exist in an online news report. Pathetic. If you want to make good use of your time, help drug addicts by volunteering in a shelter. Take your ridiculous weak ass victimology somewhere else.

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