By Elisabeth Smith

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Just 25 days out from election day, two local counties are replacing mail-in ballots after reporting mistakes.

In Yolo County, 581 voters got a ballot with an incorrect local race or measure on it. The mistake was caused by a switch to a new data system. The county is now expediting new ballots to everyone impacted.

The elections office said voters in Davis, Winters, West Sacramento, and Woodland were affected. In Davis, officials said 90% of the impacted voters live in the Covell Commons Condos and the 8th and Wake Apartment complex. They are now working to directly contact the management at each property.

And in San Joaquin County, more than 2,200 voters will be getting a new ballot in the mail because a Delta Community College Board of Trustees race was mistakenly left off those ballots. The county registrar said the new ballot will have the words “corrected ballot inside” written on the envelope.

If people already mailed in their ballots, the county says they will contact them by phone or email.

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  1. Rick says:

    I know two people that were mailed ballots in Woodland and they are not even registered to vote. They showed them to me, then destroyed them and threw them out. GOOD JOB yolo county, no chance of voter fraud there, huh?

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