By Cecilio Padilla

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A man suspected of shooting at a Good Samaritan who was trying to break up a fight in Fairfield has been arrested, police say.

Fairfield police say, back on Tuesday around 4:30 a.m., the Good Samaritan was in the parking lot of a hotel along the 2100 block of N. Texas Street when he saw a man and woman fighting. At some point, the man allegedly hit the woman, prompting the passerby to yell at them to stop.

At this point, the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the Good Samaritan. The passerby’s car was hit by gunfire, police say, but he was able to drive away.

Officers were able to identify the suspect as 26-year-old Vallejo resident Jacquil Moore.

On Wednesday, detectives arrested Moore without incident in Vallejo. He has since been booked into the Solano County Jail on attempted murder charges.

Police say, while they thank the Good Samaritan for intervening, the incident is a reminder for people to just call 911 from a safe distance if they see a fight or domestic violence situation.


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