By Cecilio Padilla

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A person suspected of pointing a laser at a Stockton police helicopter has been arrested, authorities say.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office said, just after 9 p.m. Thursday, that Stockton police’s Falcon 10 helicopter was struck by a green laser over the east Stockton area.

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The laser that authorities say was pointed at a Stockton Police aircraft. (Credit: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office)

With the help of the aircraft, deputies were able to track the suspect to a homeless camp on a diverting channel near Waterloo Road and Broadway Avenue.

Deputies say the suspect, 31-year-old Jacob McVey, admitted to pointing a handheld laser at the helicopter.

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The laser deputies believed he used was found nearby.

McVey was arrested without incident. Deputies note that he also already had a warrant out for his arrest.

Pointing a laser at an aircraft is a violation of federal law, according to the FAA. Pilots can be temporarily blinded by a laser.

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