By Marlee Ginter

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A fiery campaign for Sacramento City Council has some residents on edge.

“It just burnt. [The] thing just went. They lit it on fire,” said Marilyn Goldwire.

Goldwire showed CBS13 where flames went up in her family’s front yard.  Someone set roughly a half dozen campaign signs on fire around South Sacramento.

“I was shocked at them coming onto my property and destroying my property like that. Like my daughter said, politics have nothing to do with people’s personal property,” said Robert Bell.

Those singed campaign signs were for Mai Vang. Someone doused them with lighter fluid and then set them on fire.

“That could’ve set a real fire to our house, our lawn, the neighborhood and that would have been devastating,” said Goldwire.

Vang is a Sacramento Unified School Board Member who’s term is coming up. She’s now running for Sacramento City Council.

“It’s putting families at risk and I’m just urging whoever is doing this to just stop. It’s not OK,” said Vang.

Vang admits the burned signs are a concern, especially in the middle of what’s been an extremely active and deadly fire season. But she’s not backing down on her push for city hall. Homeowners aren’t backing down either. Some emailed Vang’s campaign manager asking for more signs to put up in their place.

“There’s other ways to go about getting your point across. That’s not the way,” said Bell.

“These tactics are really meant to intimidate and silence candidates and there’s no amount of harmful political tactic that can ever cause me to waiver on my values and passion to fight for this community,” said Vang.

Vang’s opponent Les Simmons says he has had some of his signs vandalized as well. He sent CBS13 the following statement:

“My campaign has had signs destroyed as well so I understand the frustration. I’ll say now what I said then: it’s wrong to destroy property, including campaign signs.”

Sacramento police say they are aware of the damaged campaign signs in South Sacramento. If the person is caught, they could face vandalism or arson charges.


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