By Richie Ramos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Women’s March was held Saturday in Downtown Sacramento.

The march started at Cesar Chavez Park as one of many that were held across the country as part of Women’s March 2020.

A school teacher and parent who attended spoke to Good Day Sacramento about why she joined in.

“I want people’s votes to matter, I want Black lives to matter, I want justice for people who aren’t getting it,” she said.

The march was co-organized by local groups dedicated to civil rights, immigration and LGBTQ causes.

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  1. fiddlestix says:

    Sure “woman’s: march. They aren’t fooling anyone but the media and the idiots.

  2. Bill G says:

    What women are oppressed? Where are they and why do they feel oppressed? I know dozens if not more women that I speak with all the time and none of them feel oppressed. My last two bosses prior to my current one, both in very high level high paying jobs were women. I see women in power in government and in business in huge numbers.

    This is such a perfect example of leftists creating a permanent victim class, fueled by the leftist media, and eaten up by leftist fools (sorry that was redundant) who believe themselves to be inadequate and oppressed even though each one of them has the ability to do anything they want in life. Democrats depend on idiots feeling like victims so they can continue to cement their power and line their pockets off the backs of weak pathetic sheople.

    1. Karen on the loose says:

      Its my right to be a perpetual victim, oppressed and mistreated by conservative ideals. So what if I want to hide behind “womens rights.” So what if I want to claim lifelong victimization and abuse by men. I have a right to be a victim, and I have have a right to protest as a white woman for abortion that kills mostly millions of black and brown babies. It is my right to let the democrats steer me in the direction of victim hood and self righteousness and you should put on a mask, get a vaccination and cover your mouth. It is my right to ignore Hunter/Joe Bidens corruption, drug use and connections to communist china, and I will continue to hide behind womens rights if I want.
      Remember…but but but…Covid is a pandemic….omg.

    2. CovidCult says:

      Put on a mask and cover your mouth. Covid is spread by ideas like yours….you are a superspeader Bill…we cant have thoughts like yours vaporizing in the atmosphere. We want to remain in our delusional, cognitive detachment. Its our right to be mentally ill….put on a mask and cover your mouth. China Joe Biden 2020

  3. Sandra Aseremo says:

    Pathetic , a bunch of Liberal Democrat Woman who advocate for the DEMOCRAT Pedophilia party. These Democrat women Advocate for the rape of young women and Children. Democrats solicit money from the Elite ultra wealthy PEDOPHILE like Epstein, Weinstein, Ed buck, NXIUM cult, Maxwell, Bill Cosby , Weiner, Clinton etc. On top of it, if these Pedophile get arrested or charge, they just have to brine these DEMOCRATS and these Democrats would dropped the charges and let them go. Its nothing but a Idiotic stupid march supporting Rapist of the DEMOCRAT party.

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