FORESTHILL (CBS13) — A woman says she found a headless bear on the side of the road in the foothills.

The bear was found dead on the side of the road with its head and paws missing near Foresthill. The horrifying discovery was made by a mother who was trying to enjoy nature’s beauty with her children.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is now launching an investigation, telling CBS13 spotting a bear in that condition is not common.

Investigators are looking into how the animal died and whether a poaching crime was committed. They will also look for evidence of selling bear parts on the black market.

They say at least once a year they investigate a case involving a bear but never an incident where it’s head and all four paws are missing.

“Well, you have people that just hunt for the fun of it, and if that’s what they are doing it’s crazy. But it’s just some people that’s just not right in the head and just do crazy things,” one man said.

Jim Forman can’t imagine why anyone would kill a bear and leave its remains the way the woman came across it.

Fish and Wildlife are asking anyone who may have seen anything, including possibly a vehicle parked on the side of the road in the area, to come forward.

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  1. No mystery, it was Asian poachers

    1. FnameOptionalLname says:

      Right because you never see American’s with animal heads on their walls!

  2. jklinedds says:

    Chinese poachers. Animal body parts, dried, ground, and consumed are their equivalent of the blue pill.

    1. Yirmin says:

      While it might seem like something the Chinese would do, I don’t think that is the case here because the gall bladder is what the Chinese idiots like to get from bears not the head or paws. I’m betting someone saw a dead bear that had been hit by a car or truck and decided to get souvenirs from it. Remember there is no mention of any gun shot wounds on the bear. If that was what happened it isn’t really a crime, just disgusting.

    2. Christo says:

      An American Indian culprit cutting up road-kill is also possible. They value such things too.

  3. Zorost says:

    I’m pretty sure cutting something’s head off is not part of torturing it. Bunch of sissies in CA, can’t even show a picture of a dead critter without blanking the screen. Damn, you think people don’t see dead critters on the side of the road all the time?

    1. Great White Trash Hunter says:

      You sound like a real manly man with a real manly contempt for life. What a guy!

  4. Fidel says:

    No doubt Chinese did it. Keep your dogs on a short leash people.

    1. Anne Hilliard says:

      Why does America let all these horrid creatures into our country? THEY are the ones who should be hunted; not the bears. These ‘things; don’t belong here.

    2. MrT909 says:

      You aint seen nothing yet….they have infested this land with a ravenous appetite for all living creatures. Their greeting to each other is not “hi” but, “have you eaten yet.” Remember they ate their own children in China and if push comes to shove they will eat yours.

    3. FnameOptionalLname says:

      The ignorance is not even laughable anymore, it’s shocking. How many hunters have trophy heads on their walls in the living rooms, hunting lodges or man caves? This bear may have been hit by a car and cut up after wards. There are not gangs of Asian warriors roaming the highways looking for animals to conquer. d

  5. Anne Hilliard says:

    Subhumans. They need to be destroyed.

  6. C O Jones says:

    Sickened, disgusted and saddened….

  7. Buford Buttfish says:

    Nothing to worry about, it’s just the WALL STREET BEAR market rep!

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