By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Black Lives Matter Sacramento is taking new aim in their efforts to keep their community safe. The group is looking for sponsorships to get black community members trained in gun safety.

They are calling it a harsh realization in a world that fails to protect black people.

“We need to be armed. There is nothing wrong with it,” said Black Lives Matter Sacramento founder Tanya Faison.

For months, protests, calls for police accountability and concerns over white supremacy have been a top priority for Faison. Now she is making a new call to the public.

“Get protection in these times when we know we cannot call the police for help and where we know that we need to stay safe because it is a really volatile time right now,” she explained.

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The Founder of BLM Sacramento put a message out on the group’s Facebook page asking for sponsors to pay for 10 people to get firearm training. The money would go towards anyone in the black community that is looking to sign up to learn about gun safety. The course would cover teaching everything from how to hold, clean, safely store and shoot a gun.

“I want us to be independent from the system and I want us to be educated and informed on what we are doing,” she explained.

Faison says gun education has nothing to do with their protest efforts, but she feels a necessary step for protection in situations including someone breaking into your home or attacks from white supremacists, for those who choose to apply for a concealed carry license.

“We need to be armed, we need to be safe, we are citizens here, we have equal rights here, the second amendment is our right too,” she said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Retired New York homicide detective Dr. Alfred Titus Jr. said the group’s push is part of a growing trend.

“Gun sales are up 95 percent in the first six months of the year and 58 percent in African-Americans in gun sales,” he said. “What I’m seeing here is the community feels like they are pretty much on their own.”

The Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice believes more people arming themselves does not mean a safer community.

“In the beginning, there is going to be a lot of testing and trying people out. It’s going to lead to an increased amount of violence,” he said. “Two people have a gun, they may end up shooting it out when they would have normally called the police and no shots may have been.”

Titus said he understands the mindset but feels the pursuit of safety could bring the opposite reaction.

“It’s a sad state, it’s definitely a sign of the times,” he said.

BLM Sacramento said their focus is on safety and being responsible gun owners. The group is continuing to take donations and say there are already a large number of people in the community interested in signing up for classes.

Velena Jones

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  1. fiddlestix says:

    The dems want to remove guns, and the police now the BLM wants to have guns for themselves but not you.

    1. fozzynok says:

      Did you read the story or just the headline? I thought the gun nuts were happy when people wanted guns?

  2. Brian Oniel Little says:

    who do they plan on shooting ?

  3. Phil Meup says:

    Yes, lets give the militant domestic terrorist group guns. Good idea!!

  4. Anthony Nope says:

    We fetishize guns in this nation. I personally know multiple conservatives who own small arsenals. They mythologize their own motivations as patriotic preparations to prevent government tyranny. But a liberal democracy has a much more effective weapon against tyranny: The vote. And they all voted for a fascist authoritarian. And they have spent decades voting for reactionary politicians and policies that harm black communities.

    Black Lives Matter is fighting against actual state-sponsored, authoritarian violence and tyranny. But where are the anti-tyranny “patriots”? They are actively supporting tyranny. And they are increasingly using their arsenals to intimidate those protesting against actual tyranny and voting against actual fascism.

    As a pacifist, I feel like guns are an unnecessary escalation in nearly all cases. But as I white dude, I understand that my community has not been under attack for hundreds of years. And if I’d prefer that everyone have fewer guns, I understand that we need to prevent black communities from being terrorized by bad-faith over policing and over prosecution. Until then, how do communities who fear police protect themselves?

  5. XYZ says:

    Oh for chrissakes you bunch of A.ntifa S.ponsored S.imians at BLM have RIOT GEAR, AK-47’S AND are better armed than most local police. Tell you what, when you stop taking money from the white Nazi’s we might listen just to your whines. Until then, have a happy holocaust you earned it.

  6. What a crock–requesting donations for gun safety training??–I provide unlimited free training here:

  7. Joseph says:

    Thank you for doing that David. The are many good free options to get gun safety training. I certainly hope any potential gun owner takes advantage of these opportunities.

  8. Black Fathers Matter says:

    Black people are the number one killers of black people. Why do black people have bars on their windows and doors? Who are they keeping out? The police, whites, Hispanics, Asians, NO other black people. Spare me woman.

  9. jaydc says:

    The origins of gun control were devised as a means to disarm Black Americans, and there’s only one party today still pushing for gun control. And it doesn’t start with an R.

  10. sh68137 says:

    If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it.
    The felon/terrorist does not fear the Laws, police, prison, judge nor jury or G*D.
    Therefore what he must be taught is too fear is his armed victim.

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