By Marlee Ginter

DAVIS (CBS13)— The pandemic has definitely forced businesses to change the way they do things. Marlaina Spivey leads her dance class in a way she never thought she would and from a space she never thought she’d have to, the parking lot of her dance company.

“We’ve all been pivoting thanks to COVID so our new pivot this time was to use our indoor space for something positive,” said Spivey.

Mirror Image Dance Company in Davis moved the dance lessons outside during the pandemic. Now, tables and chairs take up the dance floor for distance learning.

“So that’s super fun too and it’s a really easy option when my parents are working. So I can just come here and then go straight to dance after, so it’s super easy,” said student Sophia Ballard.

Super easy and a super saver. The dance company lost more than 60% of its income over the last six months, but after expanding its business model to include distance learning they’re back to making almost 80% of their pre-pandemic income.

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“We still wanted to offer a space for them and we needed some way to mitigate our losses, so it seemed like a win-win for everybody,” said Spivey.

It’s especially a win for parents working from home while their kids are distance learning.

“We’re in a small house and my kids are constantly coming into the room and interrupting me. So to be able to drop her and her sister off here is a lifesaver, especially on a really busy day,” said Hilary Butler.

It’s a dance group taking a leap of faith on a new way of doing business and school.

“I’m struggling as an adult and I can’t imagine being a young person trying to learn, trying to cope, tyring to see how to see my friends, how to stay afloat,” said Spivey.

Going from dance to distance learning was a community effort. Mirror Image raised $5,000 through crowdsourcing for its outdoor stage. Parents then came to help build it.


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