By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville homeowner says surveillance video shows someone throwing dog feces at his front door. He believes he was targeted because of his Black Lives Matter lawn signs.

Anthony Taula-Lieras says his home’s surveillance camera captured the nasty behavior on video by someone he believes also lives in the neighborhood.

The video, recorded at 3 a.m., first shows an unleashed German Shepard walking by, followed by the dog’s owner who then throws that’s heard landing on the doorstep. Taula-Lieras found it the next morning.

“[The video shows a man] looking at our house and flinging the dog’s poop right at our door,” Taula-Lieras said. “It did scare my family.”

Taula-Lieras has two young children who live in the home as well. His five-year-old asked him why someone would do this.

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“‘Daddy did somebody put poop on our door because of our sign?'” Taula-Lieras said. “And we are a little more on edge to think, ‘in our community, are we ultimately as safe as we thought we were?'”

Despite the obscene act, Taula-Lieras is willing to forgive whoever flung the dog doo at his front door.

“I felt like people had lapses of judgment, and that this was a lapse of judgment, on this person’s part,” Taula-Lieras said.

A revolting show of intolerance, revealing a response of restraint.

“Although the harm is done and the fear is instilled, I think it’s still important to forgive people,” Taula-Lieras said.

Taula-Lieras has not filed a police report. If someone does it again he says he will file one, and his family will feel even more threatened.

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  1. J777 says:

    They were just paying tribute to the Marxist, Racist, Chinese Communist Party funded fake racial justice LGBT group. Besides, a bit of poop is a small thing compared to the damage this group has done to real social justice activists. BLM is a joke, all lives matter, all people matter, except the “Black” lives terminated at the abortion clinic. Black has no standing in law and according to the 1826 Webster dictionary it means, “to make white, bleach or pale.” So in essence “black” lives matter means, Pale lives Matter.

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