By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It was a calm night with no wind, but a large tree came crashing down in Land Park on Wednesday.

Teresa Zepeda was walking her dog right next to it on the sidewalk when it happened.

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“I heard this very loud noise happening and I was just like, ‘What is going on? And all of a sudden I could see the tree tipping very slowly and then just, boom, onto the house,” she said.

Neighbors walked by in wonder.

“I would have taken that one down a little earlier,” said Judith Johnson.

The tree fell the length of the property – and while it didn’t appear to damage the roof up above, a limb smashed through the back window of a neighbor’s car.

“When it’s on its last leg, it’s just a matter of time. Physics just gives over,” said Daniel Hovarter, an arborist with Tree Services Sacramento.

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After inspecting the tree, Hovarter determined it failed at the base.

“When the root system is compromised, the tree will begin to decline,” he said.

He wonders if that was due to recent concrete work along the sidewalk and fairly new landscaping. He says you’ll often notice there is an issue when the canopy fails.

“Preventative maintenance is key. You want to prune your trees, paint your homes,” Hovarter said. “You want to take care of your property value. Trees increase your property value.”

Neighbors know the beautiful tree-lined streets can come with a price tag.

“I had to take down a 75-foot tree last year and it was really sad, but it was close to my house like this. I was envisioning a $30,000 remodel if it landed on it,” said Johnson.

They know preventive maintenance is a priority to preserve the beauty all around them.

“It makes this neighborhood. I love the big trees, but you just have to watch them and make sure they’re healthy,” said Johnson.

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Arborists suggest pruning every 3-5 years. And when you do so, make sure you get a permit if required in your jurisdiction.