By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — One week from Tuesday, voters will have the final say.

CBS13 spoke with voters in the area with the lowest voter turnout in 2016, as well as the area with the highest support for President Trump in 2016.

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The Smythe Academy just north of the Railyards was a quiet polling place four years ago. Just a third of registered voters cast their ballots. Marnisha Lewis, who lives near that polling place, told CBS13 she doesn’t vote, “probably because I don’t think our votes really matter,” she said.

Tammie Wallace understands the feeling. She did not vote in 2016 but said she will this year.

“There’s an urgency for us to vote today from 2016 because this year it’s really hard for us this year than any other year,” she said.

Robert Ford may live in the area with the lowest turnout, but he said he’s always voted.

“Well I had to vote because our people, they died to get this vote,” Ford said.

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Several dozen miles away, north of Lincoln in Placer County, is where President Trump received his highest support in the region during the 2016 election. About 72% of voters at the Thermalands Community Center voted for him.

“I see yard signs, it feels like a lot of excitement for Trump,” said Chris Wharton, who lives in Sheridan.

Wharton said he feels the urgency to vote more than ever and support for the president has not wavered in rural Placer County.

“If you’re not going to vote, I don’t want to hear you complaining about things,” he said.

A neighbor several miles down the road said support for the president does not feel as strong. But he’s not a fan of either candidate.

“I mean come on, we’ve got two of the worst possible candidates, we can’t find somebody better than that? Well, that’s ridiculous,” Kelly Hokanson said.

The message to the masses most seemed to have was simple: “You guys, vote!” Ford said.

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Sacramento County has already seen a record number of ballots cast in early voting, most of them from Democrats while more Republican candidates are pledging to vote in person.