By Elisabeth Smith

KINGS BEACH (CBS13) — A Tahoe street name that many consider racist will be changed.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to rename “Coon Street” in Kings Beach to “Raccoon Street.” It was named in 1926. According to county records, the streets running north to south in the subdivision were given animal names such as Fox, Bear and Deer, while the streets running east to west were named after fish like Rainbow, Golden and Steelhead.

See the location maps here. 

More than 500 people signed petitions in support of changing the street name.

Officials say it will cost the county just over $4,000 to replace more than two dozen street signs.

This street is just the latest thing to be renamed in Tahoe as the country undergoes a racial reckoning. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows will change its name next year because the word “squaw” is considered a racist and sexist slur to Native Americans.

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  1. daniel williams says:


  2. James Kenneth Dunn says:

    Coon is a surname….it is the last name of one of the early settlers of Placer county. He was a Scotsman that immigrated here to the US. There is a creek named after him and there was a settlement too that was near Ophir that had his name. It had a post office too from 1852-1860. This is crazy.

  3. Its just a name change says:

    I thought only snowflakes were “triggered” ^^^

  4. arilyn Eckels says:

    Give me a break who really cares. Are these people looking for things to change. Ridiculous

  5. JDB Esq says:

    I guess “Coon Valley” is off the table.

  6. Alpha Khan says:

    Tahoe has become infested with mentally and emotionally unbalanced white leftist trash. Knee jerk, reactionary BS like this is the result. They need to be run out of the area.

  7. Steven C Jenkins says:

    yah, what he said.^

  8. RT McGill says:

    Does this mean White Street will be on the chopping block as well?

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