By Anna Giles

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — The suspect in a violent Vacaville jewelry heist was tracked down hundreds of miles away from the crime scene.

The Vacaville Police Department said Jason Greenwald tried to hide out at a Nevada Indian reservation with $300,000 worth of jewelry from the Kay Jewelers in the Vacaville outlets – and that’s just the latest twist in this bizarre crime.

People that work at the outlets said they were relieved this suspect was caught. When he walked into the Kay Jewelers in the middle of the day, police said Greenwald apologized to an employee before stabbing her with a knife.

He then robbed the store and took off on a mountain bike.

“It just puts you in the mind of the times and the days we’re living in. People are living desperately,” said Curtis Webster, a shopper.

Greenwald got away with more valuables than the police initially thought. Thankfully, the jewelry store employee is expected to recover. Police said her injuries were severe but non-life-threatening.

“In his mind, maybe that was his last resort and maybe he thought he wasn’t leaving a witness behind,” said Alesia Webster, a shopper.

The robbery happened on October 15. Despite fleeing on a bike, over the next two weeks Greenwald somehow made it across state lines.

Police found him hiding out near Fernley, Nevada on the Wadsworth Indian reservation.

“Detectives received some information from various witnesses that assisted in identifying Mr. Greenwald,” said Sgt. Frank Piro, with Vacaville police.

Police said they were able to track him down thanks to someone who called in and knew his location.

During the arrest, officers recovered several pieces of jewelry and found out Greenwald had gotten away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of valuables.

The violent heist in broad daylight caught outlet shoppers off guard.

“It’s just something you don’t expect. You don’t start your day thinking something like that is going to happen, especially at the Vacaville outlets,” said Cameron Lumanlan, a Kay Jewelers customer.

Many wondered if it’s a sign of the stressful times so many are going through in the pandemic.

“You never know a person’s, you know, what they’re dealing with in their lives,” Curtis Webster said.

Greenwald was taken to the Solano County Jail and is now facing charges for robbery, aggravated assault and parole violation.

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  1. fiddlestix says:

    People are living desperately, people just lost their damn minds,

  2. unclezip says:

    If he had been wearing his mandated mask he’d still be running free.

  3. jayesouthworth says:

    Living a desperate life doesn’t give anyone license to stab another person and rob them. There’s plenty of charities, welfare around to help people in desperate times. Quit making excuses for criminals.

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