SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Joseph DeAngelo, the confessed Golden State Killer, has been transferred to a state prison facility.

Sources confirm to CBS13 that DeAngelo was transferred out of Sacramento County Jail to North Kern State Prison on Tuesday morning.

New photo of DeAngelo from his transfer to North Kern State Prison. (Credit: CDCR)

A new photo of DeAngelo taken at the time of his transfer was also released by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

DeAngelo, 74, had pleaded guilty back in June to more than a dozen murders and rape-related charges. The plea deal meant that he avoided the death penalty and will instead serve multiple life in prison sentences.

During the trial, DeAngelo also publicly admitted to dozens more sexual assaults for which the statute of limitations had expired.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Prosecutors called the scale of the violence “simply staggering” – with the spree encompassing 87 victims at 53 crime scenes spanning 11 California counties.

The facility where DeAngelo was transfered to on Tuesday will process him and help officials determine where he will placed permanently, based of factors like security, medical, psychiatric and program needs.

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  1. XYZ says:

    Psychiatric needs? You can’t treat pure evil as a human psych issue. Prescription: The electric chair. The other issue is, he’s passed his DNA on. It may skip a generation or two, but that’s science, so be watchful folks. Most offspring shd be fine, but then there will always be “that one”. Y’all have family, y’all know how that goes.

  2. Barbara says:

    XYZ you are right. This thing doesn’t deserve to live anymore at all.

  3. HeMan says:

    Who cares about him and how is this news? What a waste of brain power reading this nonsense.

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