By Ryan Hill

POLLOCK PINES (CBS13) – People in the foothills were sweeping away the frosty fun from their cars on Sunday night after the first snow of the season.

“It was a little cold but not too bad, and then we saw the snow trickling in a little bit and this morning when we came up it was a winter wonderland,” said Jimmy Madrid, who was heading back from Pollock Pines to Sacramento.

It was a winter wonderland experience packed with adventure for others who were in their trucks.   

“We were clearing our own tracks, so fresh powder, no tracks. We were making them as we went and made the trails as we went,” said Brandon Lyons, who was returning home to Placerville.   

Some kids were following a traditional trail for fun like having snowball fights and building a snowman in parking lots.

“It felt so normal, you know? It’s nice to put all of that behind you at least for a little while,” said Bill Bright, who was visiting the area from San Luis Obispo with his family.

The first snowfall gave people some fun for a little while to forget the pandemic problems they’ve been dealing with for quite a while.   

“We haven’t taken the kids out for a while and we just decided to. It was a great day,” said Sheng Yang, who was playing with her kids in Pollock Pines.

Besides the snow glee, there was also slow-going traffic.

“The first little bit leaving Tahoe was pretty thick and traffic was a little bad,” Madrid said.  “So, we took a little detour, was able to avoid a lot of it and then coming down was slow. Real slow.”  

Caltrans put chain controls into effect at times throughout the day on different interstates and state highways for the first time this season. 

Our cameras also captured an El Dorado County fire pickup truck equipped with a snowplow to help clear the roads.

For some, the first round of snow meant more than just experiencing a glimpse of a winter wonderland.

“You forget what it’s like to disconnect. I like to say you got to remember to forget, you know what I mean?” Lyons said. “And we just got to disconnect from that rat race, go out here and live free.”


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