By Ryan Hill

VACAVILLE (CBS13) – A Vacaville couple who lost everything from farm animals to cherished family photos is getting a chance to create new memories they can hold onto forever.

A calm, fall photoshoot in Vacaville meant so much to Sarah Hawkins and Andy Pestana.

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“I had just been focusing on the loss; not even thinking we could do something to replace that or to have some pictures of us again,” Hawkins said.

This couple, like many others, lost farm animals, their home and treasured photos in the LNU Complex Fire in August.

“Everything is just gone,” Hawkins said. “I was surprised at how much destruction there was. You can’t even tell where the toilets were in our house.”

There are those in their community who are hoping to bring some light into the lives of those who are going through dark times after the fire.

“We could help out, you know, even behind the scenes,” Kristina Claudio, a Vacaville photographer, said.

Claudio, with help of San Francisco Zion Church, is snapping new memories for those who lost everything in the fire, free of charge.

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“It’s not just, you know, the immediate help we’re trying to give but, something that will last forever. And this is one of those things can truly last forever,” Claudio said.

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A picturesque act of kindness.

“We’re hoping that by offering this photo project will allow them a little bit of closure and a chance to create new memories,” Greg Bernard, volunteer coordinator for the Zion church, said.

A simple press of a button that’s creating a picture-perfect fresh start.

“It’s something that we’ll have. Right? We can look at every single day as you walk in the door or as you’re walking out the door. Thank you,” Pestana said.

Claudio told CBS13 that they’ve done two of these photoshoots with another one scheduled for a family in Paradise, California.

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She and the church are welcoming other LNU Complex Fire or other fire victims that lost photos or photo albums to reach out to them if they want to schedule a shoot as well.