By Steve Large

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A Rocklin man has filed a restraining order against his neighbor, alleging his neighbor harassed him over his support of President Donald Trump.

“I didn’t want to do this,” Michael Mason said. “They’re making me have to do this.”

Mason says he filed the restraining order that would keep the neighbors 100 feet away from his home. He says his Ring doorbell video shows their children harassing his family with Biden chants outside the home.

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“I’m tired of getting harassed all the time,” Mason said. “My kids don’t want to come outside.”

He says they also painted “BLM” and “LGBTQ” chalk art outside his house.

“I went down there and asked them, ‘Well, why didn’t you write this in front of your house, or anybody else’s house? Why mine?’ And they just laughed at me,” he said.

Sean Millard lives between the homes in this Trump-Biden block battle and says he’s not part of the dispute.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Millard said. “2020 has been kind of a crazy year.”

More from CBS Sacramento:

Rocklin police responded to a call for service on the block Saturday when the election was called to help the two sides settle down.

“It’s horrible,” Mason said.

A judge is set to rule on the restraining order tomorrow. The Mason family says they hope it will help keep the peace until they move.

The neighbors Mason filed the restraining order against declined to comment.

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  1. Rocklin Resident says:

    I actually know a lot of people on that street and he is not telling the truth. And best part is, he said the chalk was only in front of his house. That is a complete lie, it was up and down the street. Kids doing chalk art, nothing more than that. The only problem is, is that he didn’t like what it said, but it was never directed towards him. My friends on that street are Biden supporters, I’m Republican, there’s no issues. If they were actually harassing him, they would be doing the same to me, which isn’t the case.

    1. Thank you for shedding the enormous light of truth as the propaganda continues. Thank you for simply accepting the results of the election and not buying into these lies.

  2. ktweezee says:

    RetiredFD, you sound like a crazy loon. Get a grip.

  3. hahahahahahahaha says:


  4. Pamela Ruth Jones says:

    It seems that many of ‘his’ supporters tell #unnecessarylies #dramaqueensp_

  5. Gunny says:

    Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, self-aggrandizing racist thieves of our lives, our liberties, our freedoms and our vote.

    1. Jon says:

      Yes I remember the leftist chanting “the jews will not replace us” and getting an endorsement from David Duke of the KKK great point. Wait… I have a better idea, you should remember this because it’s from your camp, “*uck your feelings” I mean that as much as when you guys said it.

    2. joshtheradiodude says:

      When DID you cross over into our universe?

  6. cnfwii says:

    lol….lol….lol….lol….. u sound mad…lol…lol…lol

  7. Jon says:

    Can you imagine the side you wanted to win ran on a platform of “*uck your feeling” and this lil beta filing a restraining order?

  8. joshtheradiodude says:

    Mason is acting like the Phil Hendrie character Steve Bosell.

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