By Cecilio Padilla

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Authorities say they have arrested a driver after a chase that started when on-duty Sacramento police detectives in an unmarked car were rear-ended.

Sacramento police say, Wednesday morning, two of their detectives were in the Elk Grove area when they were rear-ended by another car.

That car then took off and another detective started chasing after it.

Eventually, the chase got onto northbound Interstate 5. The suspect eventually crashed near 43red Avenue, though, and the driver was taken into custody. Sever other people inside the car along with the suspect also suffered minor injuries, police say.

Exactly why the detectives were in the Elk Grove area was not stated, and it’s unclear if the suspect knew that the vehicle they hit was an unmarked police patrol car.

More from CBS Sacramento:

The detectives originally rear-ended were not hurt, police say.

Police have not released the name of the driver taken into custody.

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