SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department has released body camera video of the early November incident where officers shot and killed a stabbing suspect in a Pocket neighborhood apartment.

Sacramento police said, back on the night of Nov. 4, officers were called to an apartment on Park City Court for reports of a disturbance. One caller reported that several family members were being held hostage inside an apartment, while another caller reported that they had been stabbed.

Officers soon arrived and immediately heard a man screaming. They then found a man on the floor surrounded by a large amount of blood – with the suspect still actively assaulting him.

An officer then opened fire, striking the suspect.

Police then deployed an unmanned aerial system to make sure no other victims or suspects were in the apartment. Once the apartment was deemed safe to enter, officers moved in and found the suspect who had been shot.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say he has been identified as 52-year-old Michael Wright.

No officers were hurt in the incident, police say. The stabbing victim, who wright’s family has identified as Martin Neely, was rushed to the hospital and has since been released.

On Thursday, police body camera footage of the incident was released. The videos reveal the chaotic few moments when officers first got to the scene, plus the ensuing investigation after the officer shot the suspect.

Wright’s family says it was clear from his ranting on the 911 call that Michael was having a mental breakdown.

“When you listen to that clip, you can hear it,” Michael’s sister Raquel Wright said.

She hopes there can be change within police departments regarding mental health.

“The fact that my brother made the 911 call. People who are trying to hurt people don’t normally make a 911 call, they should have recognized that as a cry for help,” Raquel Wright said.

Video of the officer-involved shooting incident can be found here. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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