By CBS13 Staff

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Law enforcement officers were on a mission against “sideshows” over this weekend in San Joaquin County.

One of the 9 cars impounded after the sideshow missions in Stockton and Lodi. (Credit: Stockton Police Department)

Sideshows in Stockton and Lodi were targeted in the most recent mission.

Stockton police say, Saturday night, a total of 15 cars were stopped – resulting in 9 vehicles impounded and 8 people being arrested.

Two handguns were also confiscated in the stops, police say.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Officers urge people to remember that sideshows are not only illegal, they’re also dangerous. IIn one sideshow in Natomas back in September, a Sacramento State student was struck by a car and left with a severe brain injury and internal bleeding. He had to spend two months in the hospital.

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