By Elisabeth Smith

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Gov. Gavin Newsom is tightening the mask rules, saying you must wear a face covering when leaving the house. 

There are only a few exceptions, including driving alone, working alone in an office, and when you’re outdoors and stay at least six feet from others. 

The new restrictions were released Monday as Newsom announced that he is pulling that state’s “emergency brake,” and leaders are looking at a possible curfew to try and get control of the pandemic. The governor announced most California counties were falling back into the most-restrictive “purple” tier of reopening.

Newsom first issued a statewide mask mandate on June 18, and the new restrictions released Monday supersede the original guidance. According to CDPH guidelines, the mask guidance is not a substitute for physical distancing and hand hygiene.

Children under two and people with certain medical conditions are among those exempt from having to wear a mask.

Read the full mask requirement breakdown at the public health department’s website.

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Comments (7)
  1. Dystopian Madness says:

    A mask is a medical device. How can anyone “order” someone to participate in medical treatments without their permission or a medical diagnosis? Newsone cant “order” the population to wear a back brace or take tylenol. Besides, a Judge in Sutter Superior Court on 11/2/20 enjoined Newsome’s emergency powers. He cant “order” anything or anybody to do anything except his wife and children, or his dog. Masks increase sickness, thats why the surge is happening. Masks were being worn for 7 months and according to the CDC in july 78% of the people who got sick with covid were wearing masks. The mask is a sign of submission and in the middle ages slaves had to wear masks to approach the artisocracy and elites. How can a mask that says on the box, ‘This device does not protect from viruses….,” ever be used to protect a person from covid? The virus is measured in NANO microns, and masks only block in MICRONS.
    Wake up people, your freedoms are being stolen, and you are being enslaved again. Slavery did not end, it is alive and well, you just dont recognize it. Covid is a common cold virus. The pandemic is a hoax.

    1. Ms Karen 2U says:

      Put on a mask to cover your mouth, we dont want to hear it, and put on a blindfold to cover your eyes so you wont see what is being done to you. We dont care if it is dystopian, and we dont care if its tyranny, we are going to follow along until covid is gone. We dont acre how many people have to suffer and die, we dont care about the children, the economy or people starving, as long as we save one life it is worth it. The authorities know whats best for us, and we will blindly obey the experts, not our logical mind or eyes. Put on a mask and cover your mouth!

  2. Riley Prime says:

    Except at my winery when I’m having a birthday party. The rest of you peasants can follow orders snd shut up.

  3. Kunta Kinte says:

    SHALL NOT COMPLY! The jig is up, we all know its fake, we’ve read, “Covid 19: The Great Reset” by Klaus Swabb. This is newsom’s feeble attempt to place us under Agenda 2030 tyranny.
    “You will own nothing, and be happy” is the mantra of these despots. Stop playing along with the masquerade or end up in bondage and servitude to the elites.

  4. AliceMoran says:

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  5. XYZ says:

    Little Hitler on their new global genocide plan. Hey, all of you riding around in big trucks and waving flags… GET BUSY WITH THE REAL WORK OF DEFENDING. Put this cannibal in his place.

  6. OBEY says:

    Wear a mask, wash your hands, take the DNA altering vaccines, do the fake test, put this electronic covid monitor in your rectum, spy on your neighbors, let us cook the books with fake statistics and obey the television set. You will be fine. Go sit down, muzzle your mouth, blindfold your eyes and let the authorities handle this like they handled the Tuskegee experiment. Dont question anything, its not necessary. Trust newsom, trust agenda 2030, trust the UN, trust the experts, trust the great reset and specifically trust science. Obey, and wear your mask. WE ARE NOT IN DANGER.

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