By Rachel Wulff

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some local races are still undecided and it could be weeks before a winner is called. That includes the razor-tight race for Mayor in West Sacramento.

The polls have closed but there are still more than 4,200 ballots to be counted. Only 137 votes separate seven-term West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon and challenger Martha Guerrero.

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Cabaldon is declining comment until the counting is complete, while Guerrero is excited with each Friday elections update.

“Oh yeah, it’s a tight one, a nail biter for us,” Guerrero said.

She was impressed with Yolo County voter turnout, which was at 83 percent of registered voters.

“I am very pleased to see how close it was, that the voters were speaking and that they are looking forward to a new path forward,” she said.

Mail-in voting this year allowed ballots that were postmarked by November 3 and arrived at the elections office by November 20 to be counted.

Long-time West Sacramento resident Marilyn Mattei has her doubts about the new rules.

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“It takes too long. I am from the old school. We love just being able to just walk in and punch the ballot and put it in the box,” Mattei said.

The elections officials say the process of verifying signatures takes longer and coronavirus protocols like social distancing have also impacted staffing.

“So every vote count. That’s the purpose of democracy. And if we have the opportunity to mail in votes, with a specific time, then every vote should be counted,” Regina Rossell said.

Both candidates will be patient and let the process play out.

“We are OK with making sure he does the count. We will just keep track as we move along,” said Guerrero.

Guerrero predicts it will be until early December, when results must be certified, before there is a final tally.

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