By Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Pucci’s Pharmacy in Sacramento was burglarized Monday morning by a suspect who attempted to break the drug store’s window two mornings in a row.

The suspect used a small boulder Sunday morning to smash the window but was unsuccessful, coming back with a crowbar on Monday to finish the job.

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Officials are working to identify the subject caught on security cameras.

The suspect didn’t make off with anything of significant value. Pucci pharmacy owners say they’ve been broken into before and the suspects are usually looking for something specific.

“Oxycodone, looking for morphine, hydrocodone, things that have street value,” Clint Hopkins with Pucci’s Pharmacy said.

Hopkin’s partner Joel Hockman said none of those drugs are kept on the shelf. Instead, they’re all locked in a safe that is bolted to the floor.

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But this suspect didn’t get away completely empty-handed. Hopkins says their specialized security system stains your skin and clothing for up to six weeks.

“We have this additional DNA spray. So when someone breaks into the pharmacy it activates that spray and if you walk under it you get sprayed with a DNA signature that ties you back to that pharmacy,” Hopkins said. “It’s going to light up under a black light and once they find that person with the blacklight, it’ll validate that they were in here. We’re hopeful someone from the public can identify this individual.”

CBS13 did reach out to the Sacramento Police Department they are aware that this happened. There is a report that’s been filed but at this point, there’s no one in custody.

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