By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A week from Thanksgiving, families are finding themselves in a Turkey Day tight spot, deciding how they should celebrate the holiday.

Health officials warn those Thanksgiving dinners could turn into super-spreader events.

“It puts a stress on not being able to see your family,” explained Andrew Mullins.

The debate of having a traditional turkey day or follow state and local recommendations to limit who sits around the table is not an easy decision.

“Normally, we have 8-10 [people] and everyone hugging, and kissing; drinking wine and the whole works, but I felt we should tone it down this year,” said Victor Dillard.

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Lu Saephan, who normally celebrates the holidays with 30 people, says it wasn’t an easy decision.

“Thanksgiving is usually a time for family, it’s just the holiday season and it was difficult having to tell your family that you’re not coming,” explained Saephan. “It was very hard but we took the governor’s advice and we didn’t want to be the source of a super spreader event.”

While some aren’t thinking twice about canceling, others are still trying to keep the holiday spirit alive on a smaller scale.

“We will be going to Oregon and spend a small family gathering with friends,” said Donna Parker.

Restaurants are seeing a drastic difference from last year. Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market has already sold double their normal amount of Thanksgiving to-go meals. Different from previous years, they are selling to smaller groups.

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“It’s two, three, one’s, not a whole lot of large groups at all. I think people have been listening to what people are supposed to be doing and trying to, they want to have Thanksgiving but they are staying home,” Owner Brian Bennett said.

It a decision families hope they won’t have to make come Christmas.

“Hopefully, we can get it under control and do a big gathering on Christmas if everyone does their part,” said Mullins.

Velena Jones

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  1. My friend Pete says:

    No we aint….our family is not struggling because we dont go along with the covid hoax. Its been 8 months and none of our family has worn masks, social distanced or anything. NONE of us has been sick and its a big family. We’ve had parties, Bar B Q’s, sleep overs, picnics, swim parties, all and sundry. We wont be listening to any “orders,” as we dont allow strangers to create our reality.
    What about the homeless who have been living on the streets since this hoax came about? They dont wash, wear masks or social distance and they are thriving. Just drive downtown, Garden Highway or on Roseville Rd.

  2. L. Tee says:

    Our family is cool, we dont listen to the television set, or newsom. Happy Holidays!!!!!!

  3. Phoenix says:

    The only people who are struggling are the mind washed fools who went for the covid fakery from the gate. I never believed it and lived my life accordingly and never got sick. If people would stop believeing in the lie they would not be struggling. They would be celebrating and having a good time. People choose their reality.

  4. Freedom 4 All says:

    Freedom means having the right to choose your own reality. I choose to live my life in the way that I have since I was born. Never got sick, dont know anyone sick or anyone who ever got sick. Went to the hospital on a delivery and it was empty. I choose not to mask up or any of that stuff. Others will choose to mask up, social distance, all of that, and that’s their right, however trying to impose that view on me by force is tyranny in the same way it would be for me to impose my will on them.
    Choose your own path, not the path of others, that’s freedom.

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