By Renée Santos

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Wild winds launched a trampoline up and over a Lincoln neighborhood Wednesday. Twins Alyssa and Mathew Najarro caught the madness on cell phone video.

“Dude look, there’s a trampoline, oh my God, it’s gonna land on the freeway,” the twins say in the video.

The trampoline made its way to Chuck Cameron’s home.

“Well I just found some damage on my truck too,” said Cameron in a video he shared following the wind event.

The National Weather Service tells CBS13 the chaos was caused by thunderstorm downburst winds.

“Downburst winds can be very strong you can see 60-plus miles per hour winds which is plenty enough to throw a trampoline into the air,” National Weather Service Sacramento Meteorologist Cory Mueller.

Mueller says when investigating a possible tornado, they look for signs of rotation on radar and rely on public reports of funnel clouds, including reaching out to county emergency management for reports. Although the National Weather Service says a tornado didn’t hit the Lincoln area, the Najarro family says it certainly felt like one, especially seeing a trampoline fly into the sky.

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“It’s something new, I’ve never seen that before,” Mathew said.

“It looked so tiny up in the air but those things are super heavy,” said Lisa Najarro.

Neighbor Emily Bigelow says children were jumping on that trampoline just minutes before it went soaring.

“They had to go in to do their distance learning. Two or three minutes later that trampoline was literally flung, somebody caught a video of it flying through the air,” Bigelow said.

That trampoline was not the only casualty. Bigelow says the wind uprooted trees and tore down fences all through the neighborhood.

“So like seven or eight houses, a clear path, completely, like all the fences down, all the neighbors coming out. There was a really loud bang, and that actually was the tree,” Bigelow said.

While there was property damage, no injuries were reported during the wind event Wednesday.

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