By Anna Giles

FOLSOM (CBS 13) — It’s Friday night before the coronavirus curfew kicks in.

Nonessential businesses have been ordered to close by 10 p.m. on Saturday. But lack of enforcement has emboldened some people and businesses who said they plan to ignore the rule.

“It’s against everything America stands for. There’s no way anybody is going to tell me I have to stay at my house,” said Jesse Flores, a Folsom resident.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the month-long curfew Thursday. The limited stay-at-home order will mean that non-essential work and gatherings will be prohibited from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in the 41 counties under the most-restrictive “purple tier” status.

Businesses along Sutter Street in downtown Folsom do their best to adapt to a spike in COVID-19 cases. Signs call for social distancing and outdoor seating spills into the street.

“Just bundle up. It’s great to be out here and enjoy the beautiful surroundings,” said Rachel Lucas.

But a curfew won’t fly for everyone.

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“Everybody that’s out wants to be out and they’re not going to really worry about a curfew, especially since no one’s going to enforce it,” said Jim Corbett, who owns Smart Axe on Sutter Street.

Corbett said the weather is what will force him to close early.

“As long as everybody’s outside it’s going to die down around 10 o’clock anyway,” he said.

A few miles up Highway 50 in Placerville, some businesses display “do not comply” signs in their windows. The signs said COVID restrictions create too much suffering.

“We’re not really a wild nightlife bar thing, we’re more the dining experience,” said Kaitlyn Keyt, who owns the Enchanted Forest restaurant.

Keyt said what hurts more than the curfew is the ban on indoor dining. Almost every county in the Sacramento region has flipped back to the most restrictive purple tier. Keyt invested in stylish and COVID safe outdoor eating pods, but it’s a bandaid.

“And it’s not just the restaurant, it’s a lot of lives. It’s all the employees, it’s the families so many people are impacted,” Keyt said.

After talking to people in both Folsom and Placerville tonight, it seemed like the curfew was the last thing on their minds. The concern is about trying to find a way to survive these next few months.

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