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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Health officials say they are seeing an increase in rare and severe complications from untreated gonorrhea in recent months.

California public health says they’ve received reports of disseminated gonococcal infections being on the rise. The disease is completely preventable, health officials say, and is probably on the rise due to people not getting testing done due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“STD risk has not gone away,” said Dr. Erica Pan, the state’s acting Public Health Officer, in a statement.

Health officials say several groups should continue to seek STD screenings: sexually active females 25 or younger, women who are pregnant, men who have sex with men, or people living with HIV.

Untreated gonorrhea could lead to problems, health officials say, like joint pain, swelling, skin lesions blood infections – and, on rare occasions, infections of heart valves or fluid around the brain.

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People who are showing symptoms are urged to immediately reach out to their doctor.

  1. Patty Wagon says:

    First of all there is no pandemic, there never was, and secondly this is just another medical fear story. How many people are sick of hearing about every single thing that can make one sick? Anything, any fear, any covid related illness, to drive the population into the medical cult, the same one that kills and maims 300k people a year from mistakes and the same one that calls its profession a “practice.” The same profession that uses as its symbol a phallic object symbolizing Hermes the trickster, and the same one that takes an oath to pagan deities. Yeah, lets follow them and their advice. Pan is also a pagan deity associated with sickness, i.e. “pan”demic. Yeah, lets follow her.

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