By CBS13 Staff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Dozens of President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered at the California State Capitol in downtown Sacramento today for what they call a Stop The Steal rally.

About a dozen counter-protesters also demonstrated at the Capitol on Saturday. Sacramento police said they arrested one person on assault charges, but no one was injured.

The California Highway Patrol was also on the scene and said they made no arrests.

President Trump has so far refused to concede the presidential race as he continues to mount legal fights in several states.

The pro-Trump demonstrators repeated the president’s unsubstantiated claims of voter and vote-counting fraud during the election.

“I come here every Saturday, whenever I can join to protect our constitution, to raise up my voice,” Binh Dang said. “Our president is one of the best in history that I know.”

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Trump and his lawyers have not provided any evidence to back up the fraud claims – and many of their lawsuits have already been dismissed in court.

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  1. Tam says:

    Good for them. Dominion voting fraud is real, learn how to find other news sources such as justthenews . com and escape from Chinese funded mainstream media. Our election has been rigged by a system that was used to secure power for Hugo Chavez. Think for yourself, search for more.

    Ilhan Omar is urging Biden reverse Trump’s peace treaties between Israel and the Arab Nations – who are the real anti-Semites and bigots?

  2. Tam says:

    Learn how to research. Be open.

  3. Voter says:

    I was there. The media wants to say there were “a few dozen” Trump supporters, but only if that’s another way to say “hundreds.” They also continue to lie about the Proud Boys. They were NOT instigators. We went to put an American flag at Cesar Chavez park and we were attacked. Also, the lady saying we shouted at them—exactly opposite.

  4. Will Flatt says:

    The MSM always lies continually nonstop. Based on what was discovered on the Scytl servers from Germany, Commiefornia finally flipped Red on Nov. 3rd, but of course the Commiecrats know they can’t win in an honest election which is why for decades now they have developed an arsenal of election-rigging techniques to steal the elections. Now that we have a REAL POTUS in Trump, and not a globalist RINO traitor like the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, the corruption is about to be exposed!

    If not then the Republic is DEAD and there’s no reason for American patriots to not take up arms and start the 2nd American Revolution.

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