By Heather Janssen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California’s monthlong curfew for purple tier counties officially went into effect Saturday night.

It’s another blow for businesses adjusting their operations once again, and there are mixed feelings about whether or not these new rules will even work – or if people plan to follow them.

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The curfew officially began at 10 p.m., but some Sacramentans like Paula Alvarez don’t think the curfew will do anything to curb the virus.

“People are going to be out during the day, so I don’t really see it being effective,” Alvarez said.

The new monthlong rule, issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this week, for counties facing major coronavirus surges limits what people can do during overnight hours.

All non-essential work and gatherings will be prohibited from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in the 41 California counties under the most-restrictive purple tier status.

“Am I for a curfew? No – but then again when I’m seeing what’s going on back home. It kind of makes you think twice,” Sarah Yarges said, talking about the surge her family is seeing in the Midwest. She was enjoying dinner with Helbert Aguinaldo who has hope the new rule helps out.

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“If the numbers are going up the way they are – something has to happen,” he said.

People in midtown Sacramento on Saturday afternoon said they made sure they went out to enjoy their day well before the clock strikes ten, while businesses have also done their fair share of preparing.

At Cafe Bernardo on R street, they’ve adapted to the changing times once again.

“We were staying open until midnight to try and get some of that bar crowd, but that is not the case anymore,” said General Manager Jen Lewis. “We understand people being safe are the first priority and we’re with that too.”

Most law enforcement agencies in and around the Sacramento area have come out and said they won’t be enforcing this curfew, and instead will continue their educational approach to COVID. But without ‘teeth’ to the rule – there’s some wonder about whether or not it will make a lasting difference in the fight against COVID-19. Though many people said they sure hope it does.

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