By Renée Santos

MANTECA (CBS13) — An unusual way of traffic control is causing confusion for drivers in Manteca. The diverging diamond interchange, a first for the state, opened Wednesday.

Stoplights on the Union Road bridge near Highway 120 help control traffic while drivers briefly travel on the opposite side of the road on the interchange.

On Wednesday, Drone13 captured drivers from up above stopping at the lights, slowing cars down. We drove through the interchange that some say is causing confusion, but for the most part drivers we captured were getting the hang of it.

“There’s still going to be education, all of a sudden where are people going ‘how come there is red lights all of a sudden?’” Fredrick White said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

The diamond in the road couldn’t have come at a better time, or could it? Chelsey Ellis says she’s already seeing a slowdown.

“I can already see it happening, I mean I was surprised I thought wow it’s a little too early for the people coming home and starting their holiday traffic,” she said.

Gina Moore went through the interchange twice. She says it took her some thinking but feels the opening is helpful with traffic.

“I think the timing is good but, like I said, just getting used to driving on the opposite of the street, that was the only part for me,” she said.