By CBS13 Staff

WOODLAND (CBS13) — The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office has released months worth of data showing that hundreds of new crimes had been committed by people released due to California’s new $0 bail schedule.

A total of 390 people have been arrested and then released on $0 bail 464 times, according to the department’s numbers. Some of those people had been released on $0 bail multiple times.

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In Yolo County alone, the department says people released on $0 bail have allegedly gone on to commit more than 442 new crimes.

The new crimes include a total of 176 felonies and 266 misdemeanors, ranging from attempted murder to burglary charges.

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California instituted the $0 bail schedule to lower the prison population amid the coronavirus pandemic with the goal being to release people with misdemeanors and low-level felonies. Law enforcement agencies have heavily criticized the order and, like Yolo County, have released statistics showing how some of those people released have gone on to commit more crimes.

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While the state’s Judicial Council has since reversed the order, some counties have continued with $0 bail.

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About a third of people released on zero bail in Yolo County reoffended at least one more time, the sheriff’s office says.