By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Surveillance cameras captured a stream of bright headlights and then a white Mercedes Benz plowing into a home on Bootjack Drive on Tuesday night.

“I heard a roar. It’s like when the big trucks go by,” Jaylene Higgins said. “I looked up and the next thing I see is coming from behind our fence; is flying and just crashed right into the fence across the street and into the house.”

The homeowner of the home told CBS13 that he was in bed when the car careened into the side of his home. Amazingly, he said that he only had scratches and bruises and was sore Wednesday as he recovers. As we reported, police told CBS13 on Tuesday the man was thrown from the bed by the impact of the car hitting the house; not the car itself.

A spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said the latest information is that the search for the driver is still on. No suspects were found on Tuesday, according to the spokesperson.

Neighbors are glad to hear their neighbor dodged a potential death.

“I’m glad he’s okay. I’m assuming he’s okay. But, something worse could’ve happened,” Atanacio Romero, a neighbor, said.

Higgins had an all too familiar thought racing through her mind when she heard the car barreling and crashing into the home.

“I thought, “Oh no, not again. You know, their house has been hit so many numerous times since I’ve lived here,” Higgins said. “Our fence is usually the one that gets hit if the car is coming from a different direction. And one time, the front corner of our house taken out.”

Something Romero has seen happen a handful of times as well.

“This house has already got into twice already and three times there,” Romero said. “That’s what happens in this area.”

Now, neighbors are hoping for change to come near their homes.

“We should have a light, a sign there or something so the vehicles can slow down,” Romero said.

They’re hoping traffic safety changes can be made before another crash has a tragic outcome.

“I worry about the neighbors and something happening to them and something happening to us,” Higgins said.

Sacramento County told CBS13 that the last traffic safety changes to that area come in 2013 after a car hit a fence. Traffic engineers with the county will look into the intersection near bootjack road when the highway patrol accident report becomes available in a few weeks.

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