By Rachel Wulff

WOODLAND (CBS13) — The city of Woodland is watching out for the person or people responsible for a string of crimes along Main Street.

The crimes include a smashed side door at Allstate insurance company, a stolen cell phone and various windows broken in the business district. Internet wires and cameras were also stolen at several businesses, including Wirth Furniture Store.

“It’s kind of sickening and tiring. I just can’t believe people could do this,” business owner Zach Wirth said.

Police have identified a man wanted for trespassing and theft in a string of incidents over the last month. The latest happened at Allstate Insurance when the side door was smashed in and a cell phone stolen. Police have not yet linked the suspect with that crime.

Wirth will have to pay out of pocket to cover the damages at his store.

“So I gotta buy new surveillance cameras now and have them installed and during this time, everybody is scraping for every revenue they can get,” he said.

He knows this theft and vandalism during the pandemic impacts businesses with takeout and delivery services even more.

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“It’s hard enough as it is,” said Wirth.

“Main Street has been one of the biggest providers in our city and if we don’t have that, we don’t have anything,” said Carissa Corona.

People who live there have seen a spike in petty crime. They see businesses are closing because they can’t afford to stay open during the pandemic.

“This is someone’s dream. If we close this we close jobs, we close the produce that they buy from, we close all the drivers who go from place to place. The people, the staff, everybody loses in this,” Corona said.

Once police realized how many crimes were committed, they assigned extra members to their graveyard patrols. They are still investigating trying to see if this man is responsible or if there are others in the crime spree.