By Rachel Wulff

FOLSOM (CBS13) — After outrage from the community, the Sacramento County supervisors pulled a proposed ordinance that would have fined businesses up to $10,000 for not complying with health orders.

In Folsom, both the city council and business balked at the proposed fines. At Tuesday’s meeting, the board decided on delaying making a decision on the new fines until next week.

Jackie Sellitti owns Monroe Salon Suites in Folsom. She choked back tears over the thought of fines for businesses who violate health and safety guidelines to protect against COVID-19.

“These people are just trying to survive and they just do not need any other fines or being held down,” said Sellitti. “The numbers don’t justify the lockdowns.”

She lost stylists after the pandemic hit and now half of those left are working part-time from home because their clients left. She was glad she added studio suites for social distancing, but reduced capacity has meant reduced income.

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“If you have made $50,000 you’re now making $25,000 and with the shutdown, the compensation was $200 a week for unemployment. It was nothing and it took months,” she said.

Newly-elected councilwoman Rosario Rodriguez says the majority of businesses are trying to do the right thing.

“So many have spent so much money on trying to make it acceptable for the county order,” said Rosario Rodriguez, who runs a local eatery herself. “Imposing a fine on businesses in this time is just not right. There are already so many who think they are not going to make it past December 31.”

That’s why the Folsom city council sent a letter to Sacramento County supervisors in opposition to the ordinance. They had the support of the chamber of commerce.

“Now to say you’re going to fine somebody is like hitting somebody over the head,” Joe Gagliardi.

Sellitti has faith her 1,600 hours of training, combined with new protocols to protect against the coronavirus will save her. But she is giving a voice to those who can’t or won’t speak up.

“You have to do what you have to do. Let the people go to work, quit slamming your local citizens and local businesses,” she said.

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