By Dina Kupfer

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Two days after the first vaccine was given in Sacramento, CBS13 checking in with a UC Davis nurse who got the shot.

It was a historic moment at UC Davis Medical Center Tuesday as Emergency Room nurse Eva Teniola became one of the first in California to receive Pfizer’s COVID19 vaccine.

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Heather Donaldson, a critical care nurse, described what it was like to be on the other end of the syringe.

“It was actually funny because I had no idea I was going to be delivering the first dose,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson remained cool, calm and collected while inoculating her colleague in front of dozens of eager media members and cameras.

“I was preparing my station and they sat someone down in my chair, I didn’t know it was patient zero and the media started circling me. And yeah, that’s a high-pressure situation,” Donaldson said.

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But she delivered that vital first dose of hope. Soon after giving that shot, and dozens more, Donaldson received one herself. CBS13 spoke with her about 48 hours later.

“I’m not experiencing any side effects at all, I had a little tiny bit of localized injection site pain yesterday, I wouldn’t even call it pain, more discomfort,” she said. “I also administered many vaccines yesterday and the day prior to medical professionals and we didn’t have any adverse reaction.”

Donaldson says she trusts the science, even vaccinating her own husband who is a respiratory therapist at the same hospital. Both have been on the front lines of this pandemic since the beginning and know all-too-well the dark side of this deadly virus.

“We are seeing an increase of COVID patients in the hospital, in the ICU, and it feels like a little bit of a breath of fresh air to be able to have a vaccine available,” Donaldson said.

Relief for Donaldson who sees the light at the end of the vial and has a message: “Get your vaccine, it’s better than rolling the dice with COVID.”

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