By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A surge in COVID-19 cases isn’t stopping people from hitting the road for the holidays. The vaccine is a shot in the arm for confidence levels.

Dr. Jupjeet Kaur showed us her proof of vaccination before stepping on a plane to New Jersey with her kids.

“It’s got my date of birth. On the back, it gives a date when have to come back for the second dose,” Kaur said. “We have a lot of physicians in our family. We just got lucky. So my dad, myself, my brother and my sister were probably the first family that got vaccinated altogether.”

Kaur was feeling confident along with most others at Sacramento International Airport Thursday morning.

“I’m not too worried about traveling. I take precautions. I trust the airlines,” Abada Tartir said.

The financial analyst from New Jersey who had COVID back in March is heading home for the holidays. He’s one of 85 million Americans expected to travel between now and the new year. That’s 34 million fewer than last year.

“I test before I travel every time and when I land as well,” he said.

There are some worried about taking flight with a spike in cases and the governor’s stay-at-home order. They didn’t want to talk about it on camera, but they are taking the necessary precautions, like this teacher from Stockton.

“We’re going to Denver,” said Anna Franey.

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It’s a risk versus reward decision when it comes to loved ones and the holidays whether up in the air or down on the ground.

“I mean I haven’t seen my family for like a year or two so, so I’m going to see my family I’m sorry,” said Jay Thomas.

Devin Batalona agreed. “So everyone has just gotta do their part.”

Their family has all been tested before they head from Sacramento to the Central Valley. And they will wear masks once there. They say some older family members have opted not to attend.

Everyone is hoping the arrival of a vaccine will ease everyone’s fears. Dr. Kaur is glad her family is protected and soon the public will be too so the travel industry and tourism will take flight once again.