By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Two Ring videos, in two separate cities, appear to show the same set of thieves in action. One crime was captured on camera in Woodland last week, and the other was captured thirty miles away in Roseville this weekend.

In each video, the pair are seen stealing Prius catalytic converters.

One Ring video shows thieves sawing off a catalytic converter before grabbing the jack and running to their awaiting getaway vehicle ad the Prius alarm blares.

“It makes me mad,” said Wayne Shiada. “It’s just an extra expense right now. That’s just bad timing.”

Shiada owns the Prius, which now in need of new parts. He got a surprise when he posted his video online – and the comments started.

“One of them was from a guy in Woodland who got hit Friday,” Shiada said. “And then my wife spotted a CBS report.”

CBS13 reported on a video of a Roseville catalytic converter theft Friday appearing to involve the same suspects. Only the victim in that case ran out after them in his undies carrying a barbell as a weapon.

“I figured heck with the shorts, just go and try to get them. And I came out to see what I could do,” Roy Schaumburg said. “I would’ve used it for protection, but I figured if nothing else, I would damage the heck out of the car.”

A side-by-side comparison of both RIng videos appears to show the same blue-colored jack and the same silver-colored getaway SUV.

“Apparently they’re pretty organized,” Shiada said. “They’re going around hitting different areas.”

The replacement for a Prius catalytic converter is not cheap. It runs about $3,000 dollars.

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