SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police in downtown Sacramento are using multiple methods to track demonstrations.

The Sacramento Police Department was in force on Wednesday as demonstrators took to the streets to protest.

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Officers could be seen standing at the ready on several corners. Some were on bikes following the demonstrators radioing their locations.

A former lieutenant with the Sacramento Police Department who spent 27 years with the department said cameras throughout downtown are also critical.

“That includes everything to traffic cameras, pod cameras that are around the city to monitor where people are doing and what they’re kind of doing in their demonstration,” John Kane, a law enforcement expert, said.

Police posting images from those cameras to their social media, for all to see. Sacramento Police’s Twitter account was tweeting out a thread following the various camera locations that the demonstrators passed by.

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Kane said the department also watches live streams during these events that everyday people broadcast from the streets.

“And all of it again is tilted to the idea of, we don’t want to infringe upon anyone’s rights at all. It’s the idea of protecting everyone’s property and everyone’s safety,” Kane said.

Sacramento police tweeted in real-time where the protesters were heading.


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