By Cecilio Padilla

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS13) — Two police officers in Washington D.C. helping with security for the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday decided it was the perfect time to meet – especially since they’re usually separated by more than 3,000 miles of freeway.

Both ends of Highway 50.

On the West Coast end of Highway 50, just after the Interstate 80 split, is a freeway sign Sacramento drivers have seen. It lists the distances to Placerville and South Lake Tahoe – as well as a city on the complete opposite side of the country, Ocean City, MD.

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A similar sign also exists on the opposite end of Highway 50 in Ocean City, displaying “Sacramento Ca 3073.”

With Pres. Biden’s overarching message for the country in his inauguration being unity, a City of Sacramento and Ocean City police officer decided to stand side by side on Wednesday in Washington D.C.

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A photo of the pair standing next to each other, with the US Capitol building in the background, was posted to Ocean City Police Department’s Facebook to much fanfare – with some people commented how they’ve been to both ends of Highway 50.

More from CBS Sacramento:

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The officer who made the trip to DC from Sacramento was not named.