By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Low supply and high demand are problems health leaders in the area continue to face as the vaccine shortage becomes a reality.

Cal Expo was a promised mass vaccination site by state officials, specifically Governor Gavin Newsom, but it’s not operating that way.

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“I have survived cancer twice, the last surgery was February,” Linda Martin, from Elk Grove, said

Her primary care Doctor said she’s a good candidate to get the vaccine. Martin has been away from family and isolated for months in her Elk Grove home, but she can’t get her hands on a vaccine.

“I just don’t know when our turn will be,” she said.

It doesn’t look to be coming to the general public anytime soon.

As of last week, Sacramento County has only received enough vaccines to cover about one thousand for every 100 thousand people. But in El Dorado County, County Health Leaders say they have more than seven thousand shots available for every 100 thousand people in the county.

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The distribution to each county differs week by week. Last week, Sacramento County received less than one thousand, and next week they’ll get 10 thousand doses.

Each county then handles those doses their own way.

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San Joaquin and Yolo counties are saving their limited supply for second doses. The Yolo County Public Health Department says they may be running out of “first doses” in the next couple of days. They were only able to support two clinics this week.

“It seems like this weekend we’re going to run out” Jenny Tan, with Yolo County, said. “We’re always in this catch-up game, we just don’t have enough to open up.”

More from CBS Sacramento:

At Cal Expo in Sacramento County, County health representatives say they have enough staff and space to open up for mass vaccinations, but don’t have the supply.

The county says they can only plan one week ahead for distribution.

It’s tough news for people like Martin who are hoping to get back to living, and soon.

“You’ve got dreams at this age, you want to take some trips and get some memories. We’re not going to take the risk,” she said.

County health leaders say your medical provider is the best way to get a vaccine if you are 65 and up, but not everyone has access to a healthcare provider that has a vaccine.

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Cal Expo hopes to open up to seniors by February or March.

Marissa Perlman