By Renée Santos

NYACK (CBS13) – Low snow levels in the Sierra created major travel delays along Interstate 80 on Friday.

Cars going eastbound on I-80 were at a standstill at one point Friday afternoon, stuck in the middle of traffic.

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CBS13 captured the slow down just before Gold Run. The interstate was lit up with red lights.

It was a messy start to the weekend for travelers. Lynette Wall’s trip up to King’s Beach hit a big delay.

“Nobody wants to sit in traffic,” she said.

Wall decided to stop in Gold Run, where much of the traffic jam was Friday.

“It just came to a stop and it’s been…we’re not even going 5 miles an hour,” she said.

Caltrans video captured a major back up I-80 near Whitmore Grade.

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Kim Driver almost lost control of her car while driving from Concord.

“It was really scary for everyone in the car so luckily no other cars were around us. I didn’t get out of the lane, I just knew not the brake,” said.

Her snow day ended in Gold Run.

“We are probably going to make this the stop and head home just because of all the spinouts and whatnot,” she said.

It’s not just her family whose trip was cut short. Crashes left many vehicles badly damaged. A truck’s front hood was smashed in and a car’s side was crushed. The amount of accidents has been keeping tow truck drivers busy

It was a messy start to a stormy weekend with more rain and snow expected in the coming days.

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