By Marissa Perlman

STOCKTON (CBS13) — There were both surprise and relief, and now a scramble in Stockton as businesses woke up Monday to learn the state would lift the stay-at-home order.

You’ll see “for sale” signs along California Street in downtown Stockton. Some salons there are still in the dark.

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“This third closure just served as the final nail in the coffin to so many businesses,” said a small business owner.

Lifting the stay-at-home order is bittersweet news to small business owners who woke up to this with no warning from the state.

“We’re open today but look there’s nobody here,” said Dino Ballin, owner of Pomp Salon.

The salon owners have been speaking out against the governor’s stay at home decisions and joining a lawsuit against the governor, saying his closures deprived small business owners of their constitutional rights. They say they’re not sure if the salon will survive.

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“It’s an incredible hardship on a business to be closed indefinitely three times,” he said.

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Phil Suh, Owner of Shomi Restaurant in Stockton, said, “We’re sort of bracing for the impact.”

He’s been watching the state’s choices closely but was not​ prepared to revamp outdoor dining overnight.

“We’re going to be looking for a lot more help in the kitchen and hopefully we’ll see more customers as well,” he said.

These businesses are hoping the state doesn’t go backward​ again. They say they’re hungry for information behind what’s driving the governor’s decisions.

“He said he’s following science but where’s the science? Show it to us,” said Vicki Kirk, owner of Pomp Salon.

The state had not released the data driving the public health decisions despite months-long promises of transparency, saying releasing the data would confuse the public.

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