By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The winter storm could not have come at a worse time for local businesses already struggling to stay afloat given the pandemic.

Now many are forced to deal with storm cleanup after strong winds brought down trees, tents and furniture Tuesday night.

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Matthew Morgan could not believe the winter storm that rolled through the region.

“I was having a ‘Wizard of Oz’ moment. That’s what it felt like, it felt like tornado weather,” Morgan said.

He spent the morning cleaning up at Tropics Ale House in Midtown after high winds took their toll on his awning.

“They are fixable, it’s just going to take a while,” Morgan said.

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Just a couple of blocks away, a sushi restaurant saw way worse damage Wednesday morning. Tents were toppled and torn, gas heaters and barricades were bent.

This winter storm was just another blow to businesses who set up outdoor operations trying to weather pandemic reopenings and reversals.

And when it comes to insurance, some owners say the damage will likely be less than the deductible, so they will just have to rebuild.

Early morning city crews took down most of the debris before more wind could whip it into oncoming traffic. Across town, more businesses worked to cleanup alongside neighbors who surveyed the damage of the biggest storm this season.

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