By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the third night in a row, Sacramento-area residents are living in the dark and the frustration is growing for residents who are waiting to get power.

“Nightmare. It’s like no heat, no nothing, can’t cook, can’t do nothing,” explained Steve Robison, a Citrus Heights resident.

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Robison’s generator is the only power source he and his family have had for two days.

“We heard a transformer blow and about 11:00 (p.m.) We heard another one blow and that was it, been out since,” he said.

Robison is relying on propane heaters to keep his house warm. After eating takeout the past several days, he started using his grill Thursday night to cook dinner. Robison said communication with SMUD has been difficult.

“Very frustrating because I hear we are low priority,” explained Robison. “They (SMUD) don’t care about us, I was told it’s all about downtown and arcade.”

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Since Tuesday, SMUD has restored power more than 200,000 homes with still more to go. The utility company says it’s the biggest storm they have seen since 2017.

“The biggest challenge with this storm is it has done widespread damage across our territory and unfortunately that means, I think we counted up 100 poles and or lines that are down. Those poles and lines repair take many, many hours,” explained SMUD Public Information Specialist, Sarah Sciandri.

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Eight of those power poles caused a domino effect and crashed into several backyards in Orangevale, including Devan Thomason’s.

“It sounded like the loudest boom I’ve ever heard and then my whole room lite up with a big flash it was really scary,” Thomason said.

The crash did not cause any major damage and after 36-hours in the dark, residents are finally seeing the light Thursday night.

“I’m so happy. It was so cold all day yesterday and tonight. We are really thankful that SMUD was able to get all of our power back and we are nice and cozy now,” Robison said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

According to SMUD, they prioritize the dangerous outages first, address the largest areas  of concern and continue to work down the line.

The utility company does not have a timeline for complete restoration.

By Thursday night, there were still 317 active outages in SMUD’s territory, impacting 3,429 customers.

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Outside of Sacramento, PG&E was still working to restore power to thousands of customers in Yolo and San Joaquin Counties.

Velena Jones