By Marissa Perlman

ELVERTA (CBS13) – It’s the calm after the storm as the sun sets over Trail Brother’s Gibson Ranch in Elverta.

Owner Zachary Leyden and his crew worked overnight through the storm to protect the property, where heavy rain and wind tore apart fences and blew the roof off buildings.

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“I did not anticipate 60- to 80-mile-per-hour gusts,” Leyden said.

Now, buildings are leaking and wood siding is strewn across the fields on site.

“One of the shelters completely picked up and blew and landed into a tree. The roof, instead of blowing away, it just turned over on itself,” Leyden said.

Miraculously, every cow, pig, peacock, and horse on the ranch is okay.

“Our horses are smart they kept themselves safe,” Leyden said.

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More from CBS Sacramento:

Leyden said the horses could sense the storm was coming.

“Their language is body language,” he said.

The ranch works with both kids camps and military veterans offering equine therapy. The storm was a surprise to Leyden and his staff.

“I didn’t expect my ranch to get blown over,” he said.

But Leyden said volunteers have already started helping to pick up the pieces, to help keep the animals happy and get the ranch back to its former glory.

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Some of the students who work at the ranch organized a fundraiser to help the owners rebuild. You can find out how you can help by visiting the link here.