By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The drinks are flowing, the outdoor heaters are cranked up and all eyes are on the game on TV.  The stage is set at the SacYard Community Tap House in Midtown.

“We can’t wait for Sunday. This place is built for that kind of thing,” said manager Kyle Baumann.

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Pandemic or not, it’s clear the Super Bowl is not going to the dogs this year as local bars and restaurants plan Super Bowl Sunday with extra health safety guidelines.

“As you come in and as you go we have hand sanitizer stations. We have a very strict mask policy.  Whenever you’re not seated at your table you have to a mask on at all times,” said Baumann.

It’s those kinds of precautions health officials urge, especially during the big game.

“The yelling, the cheering, the shouting, that’s gonna get those droplets out there and then people are going to let their defenses down because they might have impaired judgement from drinking also,” said infectious disease expert Dr. Dean Blumberg.

Dr. Blumberg warns Super Bowl gatherings could lead to another surge just as hospitalizations go down. Los Angeles County ordered all TVs to be turned off at bars and restaurants on Super Bowl Sunday.  The CDC suggests you avoid cheering and even bring your own noise-makers.  It may sound extreme to some but could be lifesaving.

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More from CBS Sacramento:

“We shouldn’t let our guard down now.  People can still get scary sick with COVID.  Adults can, kids can, there are still complications that can occur and people are still dying,” said Dr. Blumberg.

“Naturally we’ve had to do things a little different this year, but our customers should still be able to experience that same fun,” said Olisha King, a manager at Port City Sports Bar and Grill in Stockton.

Port City is still advertising a full Super Bowl party, but with a lot of changes, including temperature checks at the door.

“As far as the seating is going, we’re going to make sure there’s a safe distance between everybody to make sure everyone is still social distancing,” said King.

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“It’s a lower priority at this time, but I’ll enjoy it.  I’ll watch it for a few minutes, root for the old guy,” laughed SacYard customer, Dirk Amara.