By Laura Haefeli

MODESTO (CBS13) — After a large group of cyclists took to Modesto streets for a bike “ride out,” some parents in Modesto are questioning the way police handled crowd control.

One mom is speaking out after her son, 15-year-old Nickolas Jimenez, ended up in handcuffs. He faces a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest.

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“When he was on top of me putting the handcuffs on me, I didn’t know if he was going to hurt me,” Nickolas Jimenez said. “I do apologize for riding on the wrong side of the road and no helmet but it was my first ride out.”

He was one of the hundreds of cyclists who biked through Modesto streets. Police say the group ignored the rules of the road.

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“We are going to take responsibility for that,” Nickolas’s mom Marissol Jimenez said.

She says her son’s punishment doesn’t fit his crime.

In a video obtained by CBS13, a Modesto police officer can be seen weaving his motorcycle through a crowd of bikers that includes Nickolas.

“[The officer is] ramming his bike into me telling me to pull over and I’m saying we’re trying to get back home,” Nickolas said. “He yanks me by my sweater, pulls me to the ground and puts handcuffs on me.”

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Modesto police were aware of the event, handing out helmets before it started, but they say the crowd got out of control, one person even spitting on a police officer, forcing them to take action.

In a statement, department spokesperson Sharon Bear said, “It was a fluid situation as we attempted to get the cyclists to yield to our lights and sirens and safely move out of the path of motor vehicles.”

Marissol fears the misdemeanor charge her son is facing could follow him for life.

“If they would have called me and said, ‘Hey your son’s not supposed to be out here, come pick him up right now,’ I would have took his bike and he would have been on punishment,” she said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

“I really want to get a job. I’ve been doing good in school. I want to play football in college, I want to do all types of stuff. I’m not going to be able to do that with that on my record,” Nickolas said.

The ride out was organized by a local bike group called the 209 Rippers. Police wrote on Facebook they hope to have a conversation with the group about future events.

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CBS13 did ask to speak directly to the Modesto Police Department about crowd control tactics. Unfortunately, they were not available.