By CBS13 Staff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some teenagers reportedly took a short joyride in an ambulance Monday evening.

While responding to a medical call in North Sacramento, the Sacramento Fire Department says some teenagers stole an ambulance and drove it down the street before jumping out and running away.

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The Sacramento Fire Department says crews were in the area of Beaumont Street and Plaza Avenue, west of Del Paso Boulevard, when the ambulance was taken. They barely made it down the street before abandoning the ambulance, failing to put it in park, officials said.

Officials say a nearby Good Samaritan jumped into the rolling vehicle and placed it in park.

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The ambulance was empty when it was taken and the department says no one was hurt in the incident.

According to the department, ambulances are kept running while attending to patients in case of mechanical issues. There have been cases in the past where an ambulance and a fire truck were stolen, but it is rare.

In 2018, two people stole a fire engine while Metro Fire was working a brush call off Elkhorn Boulevard. The suspects led law enforcement on a two-hour chase that ended north of Oroville.

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In this case, the teenagers have not been detained.