By Marlee Ginter

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) – Take a walk down Drywood Way in Orangevale and you’ll see white picket fences, neighbors walking their dogs and children riding their bicycles.

It’s a sleepy neighborhood where everyone knew each other, until now. A surprise neighbor is moving in who mom Melanie Osterman isn’t excited about.

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“No, I’m pissed because I have a 4-year-old and a 3-month-old and he’s right there. And she rides her bike,” said Osterman.

Some neighbors say they received an alert that 45-year-old Jason Bryan Scarcello, a registered sex offender who authorities say, has an interest in cannibalism is set to move into the neighborhood.

“This is ridiculous. I want him out of here,” said Stephanie Barnes.

An ICE investigation revealed Scarcello participated in online chats discussing child pornography, torturing and eating children.

“Eating children? All of it is disgusting. Not one bit is OK and I want him out of here,” said Barnes. “This is not the place for him. I don’t think any place is the place for him. He should have his butt back in jail.”

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“That’s twisted. Yeah, I don’t want him here,” said Skip Johnson. “We’re letting everyone out of prison and they’re going somewhere. And it’s coming to your neighborhood soon.”

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Now, neighbors are angry some received a text or email alert, while others didn’t. James Pruitt, a grandfather of 21, says he doesn’t want Scarcello near his family.

“Lots of them come over at different times. My neighbors have got kids all over the place. They’ve got kids, they’ve got kids. It’s crazy. How do you let someone in the neighborhood with that? It’s wrong,” said Pruitt.

It’s possible some neighbors were notified through the local neighborhood watch program. The California Attorney General’s Office tells CBS13 by law, they posted Scarcello’s information online and from there he’s required to notify local law enforcement. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told CBS13 Scarcello doesn’t meet the criteria of a violent sex offender which would require them to notify neighbors.

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“We missed a memo, we missed a big memo. So we can’t fight this now? We can’t have this not happen?” said Osterman.